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An ETLA Original

An original piece by Phil and Nancy Lantis, Beachcomber follows a long standing ETLA tradition of asking tough questions that leave the audience talking about it long after leaving the theater. “What would I change if I could go back?” “What choices have I made because of others?” “Who do I need to forgive?”

Set in a bar in the coastal city of Lincoln City, Oregon, two couples take refuge from a typical Northwestern storm. As they, and the bartender, Cap discover more about each other and themselves through questions and stories, the relative calm is broken by the arrival of Gail.

Right away, a contentious history between Cap and Gail is established. And as Gail challenges the newly engaged couple about their decision to start a family so young, and bullies the retirees, we see why Cap doesn’t want her around. But is that all there is to it? The end of Act One painfully reveals the father/daughter relationship that leads to more questions than it answers.

Act Two exposes the history of our two lovebirds, a deceit made right, a truth Cap has kept even from himself and the real reason for Gail’s appearance in Beachcomber after all this time. And, out of this pain and regret, we see, maybe not forgiveness of past wrongs, but a willingness to start from a new place and grow from there.

ETLA was proud to offer Child and Family Center of Santa Clarita a portion of its ticket sales to support their alcohol and drug rehabilitation and domestic violence support programs. Visit them online if you’d like to know about their wonderful center and services.

It is the highest honor to have audience members to tell us how our stories touch them. Patrons praised our willingness to broach difficult subjects as drug and alcohol abuse and how it can tear a family apart. Many shared with us personal accounts about their own struggles, or those of family members, and how the catharsis and hope we offered was powerful and needed.

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In the works

Something Wicked This Way Comes

An ETLA production

A perfectly frightful treat for Halloween! This adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic horror tale of desire and despair centers around two best friends and their nightmarish experience with a traveling carnival that has come to their hometown.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
will run at The MAIN in downtown Newhall from:
Friday, October 11, 2024 to Sunday, October 20, 2024