An ETLA Co-Production
March 17-26, 2023

ETLA’s co-production with Front Row Center was a deeply moving and thought-provoking piece. Our own Youth League handed out programs while asking about loyalty to Big Brother. Patrons were encouraged to sing along with them to the Oceania Patriotic Hiking Song. Involving our community’s younger actors in this way was fun for them and started the "1984" world building before the audience even took their seats.

Using multimedia, a stark set, and theatrical lighting, the audience was transported to an interrogation room in The Ministry of Truth. As the interrogation proceeded, the party members took on various roles to act out the incriminating diary confiscated from Citizen Smith who answered questions and could only watch as the evidence mounted against him.

Culminating in the complete breakdown of Smith’s mind and will, the audience is left wondering, How much of my own personal freedom and thoughts am I willing to part with before I stand up to tyranny?

"1984" did tremendously at the box office with enthused audiences talking about it long after they left the theater.