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Audition for ETLA’s October 2024 production of
Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes
Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, adapted from a short story by the author himself, tells of two boys on the cusp of manhood – one content to stay in place, the other eager to grow up and move away. A mysterious carnival comes to their small town in the dead of night, run by the even more mysterious Mr. Dark. No one is safe from their own desires and wishes, as the carnival promises dangerous delights. Best for ages 8 and up.


About the Production: Something Wicked will use special effects and creative staging to frighten audiences ages 8 and up and kick off the Halloween season. Some actors will play multiple roles, including carnival folk as well as moving set pieces to create a fluid dreamlike…or nightmare-like theatrical quality.

Performances run at The MAIN in downtown Newhall 10/11/24 – 10/20/24:
Fri 10/11 – 8pm
Sat 10/12 – 2pm and 8pm
Sun 10/13 – 2pm
Fri 10/18 – 8pm
Sat 10/19 – 2pm and 8pm
Sun 10/20 – 8pm

Auditions: July 30, 31
Callbacks: Aug 2, 3
Rehearsals: To start Aug 19

Young Characters (all characters, ethnicity open):

Will Halloway
An almost 14-year-old boy who is smart, sensitive, and practical. He follows the rules and is happy where he is.

Jim Nightshade
An almost 14-year-old boy who is smart, curious, and daring. He can’t wait to grow up and live adventures. He is Will’s best friend.

7-9 years old and lost and scared.

10-12 years old, no lines but must convey an evil, manipulative presence.

Adult Characters (all characters, ethnicity open):

Lightning Rod Salesman (Tom Fury)
Age open. A weary salesman who can read the wind.

Mr. Dark
40-60. A sinister and imposing figure.

Mrs. Halloway
30-40. Will’s mother who is gentle and loving. Singing a plus.

Mr. Tetley
40-60, the cigar store owner. Singing a plus.

Mr. Crosetti
40-60, the barber. Italian accent suggested. Singing a plus.

Miss Foley
30-50, the boys’ school teacher. Friendly but can be stern. Yearns for younger days. Singing a plus.

Jim’s Mom
30-40, single mother worried her adventurous boy will grow up too quick. Singing a plus.

Mr. Cooger
Age open. The intimidating partner of Mr. Dark.

Age open. Good humored and disbelieving. Singing a plus.

Dust Witch
Age open. An ancient, blind witch with evil powers.